APlusLift 1500LB Air Operated Motorcycle ATV Lift Table with Side Ext. (MT1500X)


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. 24 Months Parts Warranty; 1,500LB Heavy Duty
. New Butterfly Foot Pedal with Auto Neutral Position (Patent Pending)
. Exceptionally Durable E-Coated Black Paint Finish; Durable Powder-Coated Orange Paint Finish
. 8.8 Construction Grade Hardware
. Stable Scissor Frame with Precise Pivot Shafts and Thicker Gauge Steel
. Free Service Jack ($100 Value) and Anti Slip Traction Tape Included
APlusLift MT1500 is a 1500lb Heavy Duty Air Operated Lift Table (24″ width). It includes a Front Wheel Clamping Vise, a Drop Out Tail, a 3 Stage Adjustable Front Extension, a 20″ long Drive-on Approach Ramp, and a FREE Service Jack. It is built with quality materials and good workmanship from a dedicated factory. Suggestions to improve our products and service are always welcome!
Optional Parts: Roller Plate, Extended Long Ramp Set (38″L x 48″W), Extended Long Ramp (38″L x 24″W), and Wheel Dolly
Recently we were told by many customers that some other brands referred to us for replacement parts of their products after the warranty expired. We want to emphasize that our products are specially designed or have been improved to better serve our customers. We do not guarantee that our parts will fit products from other brands and we do not accept returns if you did not buy the related product(s) from us.
Free shipping to a commercial address (in a business zone) or a freight terminal. Residential address: +$60. Liftgate service: +$50. Additional freight charges may apply for remote areas and high cost delivery areas.
Self Pickup Locations with Discount: Tacoma (WA), Charlotte (NC), and Kansas City (MO).
Frequently Asked Product, Order, and Shipping Questions and Technical Questions


. Installation Manual
. Weight Capacity: 1,500 LB
. Table Length without Front Extension: 84″
. Table Length with Front Extension (Stage 1): 97″
. Table Length with Front Extension (Stage 2): 110″
. Front Extension Width: 24″
. Table Width: 24″
. Removable Approach Ramp Size: 20″L x 24″W
. Drop Out Plate Size: 21″L x 14″W
. Table Steel Thickness: 1/8″
. Safety Locking Positions (to Table Top): 19.5″, 21.75″, 23.5″, 25″, 27″, 28.5″, 30″
. Maximum Lifting Height (Table Top to Ground): 33″
Minimum Height (Table Top to Ground): 7″
. Service Jack Max Lifting Height: 15″
. Service Jack Lowered Height: 3.5″
. Service Jack Weight Capacity: 1,000 LB
. Air Requirements: 90-120 PSI
. Shipping Weight: 500 LB
. Shipping Dimension: 88″L x 26″W x 12″H


. New Butterfly Foot Pedal with Auto Neutral Position (Patent Pending)
. 1 service jack included. The service jack designed for lifting motorcycles for wheel service, and with included adapters, will also lift ATV and other small vehicles.
. 3 stage adjustable front extension. Front chopper extension allows long bikes to fit onto the lift.
. 7 position safety locking system. Secures lift in place while operating.
. An adjustable front extension and front stop which help longer motorcycle.
. Compact portable design. Makes the AP-MT1500X easy to move and store.
. Detachable drive on ramp. Low angle ramp protects bikes as they are rolled onto and off of the lift.
. Drop out tail. Allows access to rear of vehicles and makes wheel service easier.
. Enhanced rack under main table. 7 position safety locking system: secures lift in place while working.
. Front wheel vise. Secures vehicles and includes adjustable front stop.
. Greasable shaft. Grease zerks on axle maintains smooth rolling action.
. Pneumatic operation. Air powered with foot pedal controls.
. Single heavy duty pneumatic cylinder. Heavy-duty construction w/ sealed roller bearings for smooth operation.
. Tailor-made cylinder with strong steel. Strengthening cylinder wall to support genuine 1,500 LB capacity.

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APlusLift 1500LB Air Operated Motorcycle ATV Lift Table with Side Ext. (MT1500X)

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