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Interactive Personal Training

From iFIT
  • LIVE & On-Demand Workouts
  • Global Workouts & Studio Classes
  • Elite iFIT Trainers
  • AutoAdjust Trainer Control

*iFIT experience shown. Wi-Fi internet connection required. Credit/debit card required for activation. iFIT auto-renews at then-current rate, plus tax, unless canceled in advance.


Bring personal training home with the 30-day iFIT Family membership included with your NordicTrack RW900 rower. On or off your rower, you’ll be able to train with on-demand workouts using your swiveling 22” HD touchscreen. Row alongside elite iFIT athletes who adjust your resistance in real time to keep your training on track. Equipped with 26 levels of SMR Silent Magnetic Resistance, you’ll get a total-body workout at any intensity without causing a commotion.

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Rotating 22″ HD Touchscreen

Stream your choice of Studio Classes or Global Workouts directly to your rower’s 22″ HD touchscreen. With a pivoting and tilting display, you’ll be able to immerse yourself in iFIT workouts whether you’re on or off your equipment.

Improved Oversized Pedals

Lock your feet into position and create a stable foundation for every stroke thanks to these oversized pedals with adjustable nylon straps.

Improved 30W Premium Audio

Complete your interactive training with this high-quality audio system as you follow iFIT workouts. If you need to keep your training to yourself, just connect your Bluetooth-enabled headphones.

Ergonomic Gliding Seat

This custom-molded seat is designed to easily glide along a steel rail that has been tested to support 250 pounds. Every stroke will be smooth, quiet, and consistent.


30-Day iFIT Family Membership Included*

Create up to five profiles that each have full access to the expansive iFIT Library. Stream live and on-demand workouts led by iFIT Trainers who auto-adjust your equipment for a touchless experience.

iFIT Trainers Move You





Studio Classes Come Home

Stream live and on-demand Studio Classes led by elite personal trainers who push you towards your goals by actively changing your pace and intensity.

Get Out and Explore

Explore exciting global destinations as your iFIT Trainer automatically adjusts your equipment settings to mimic real-world terrain as you progress through your workout.

Full-Body Training

Participate in high-powered cross-training workouts designed to move your entire body. Your iFIT Trainer will incorporate pulse-pounding exercises that use your body weight and fitness equipment for a well-rounded workout.

Trainer-Led Workouts

Automatic Trainer Control allows your iFIT Trainer to adjust your speed, incline, and resistance at a moment’s notice for an immersive, touchless experience like no other.

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NordicTrack RW900 Smart Rower

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