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Why is Trinity MT3 The USA Trailer Store’s bestselling motorcycle trailer year after year?


Recipient of numerous five-star reviews, Trinity’s 425 lb. powder-coated frame is constructed of high-quality, rust-resistant steel and decked with aluminum tread plate. This winning combination creates a frame that is durable enough to withstand the demands of both weather and road and strong enough to support the weight of one, two, or three motorcycles weighing up to 2000 lb. In an online review, Michael X. writes, “…high quality construction! I would recommend this company to anyone” .


Our MT3 trailer is integrated with an incredible ride up feature. This makes it much easier to load heavy, full-sized motorcycles. The trailer suspension compresses under the weight of the bike and reduces the ramp to trailer apex. With wider loading ramps, the MT3 gives an extended area to safely plant your feet when riding the bike on or off the trailer.


When transporting your prized motorcycles, you expect your trailer to handle well. Trinity MT3 meets and exceeds that expectation. Two 13″ inch aluminum wheels and radial tires are suspended on a torsion axle for a smooth ride. Aluminum wheels are stiffer and lighter than steel radial tires provide better traction than bias ones. When combined with the torsion axle, our 3 rail motorcycle trailer is stable and responsive—even when only a single motorcycle is loaded.


Motorcycles are made in a myriad of different styles and sizes to fit the needs of a wide range of sports and activities: sport bikes, dirt bikes, cruisers, trikes, and all the touring bikes and dual sports in between. So, we built a versatile trailer that can carry them all. Designed with an attachable loading ramp, three integrated chocks, and three wide-channel rails, Trinity can accommodate bikes with maximum lengths measuring 97″-105″. Plus, the rails are detachable and can be configured to transport various combinations of motorcycles, or they can be removed all together to haul an ATV, extra gear, or whatever else you need.

Easy storage:

Trinity’s light-weight construction is not only great for maneuvering the trailer on the road but also for storing the empty trailer on the driveway or in the garage or carport. When it is time to put away your bikes, simply unload your motorcycles and fold the tailgate onto the trailer deck. Trinity MT3 can then be moved to an out-of-the-way spot.



  • Trailer Deck Dimensions – 5’ x 7’
  • Clearance to the Bottom of the Deck – 13 ¼’’
  • Clearance to the Bottom of the Undercarriage – 7’’
  • Center to Center of Each Rail – 20’’
  • Tailgate Length – 32’’
  • Folded Length – 92’’
  • Maximum Overall Width – 88’’
  • Maximum Extended Length – 124’’
  • Maximum Motorcycle Length – Outside Rail – 96’’
  • Maximum Motorcycle Length – Center Rail – 105″
  • Tire Size – ST175/80 R13
  • Wheel – 13’’ Chrome
  • Air Pressure – 50 cold psi
  • Tire Size – ST175/80 R13
  • Empty Weight – 425lb
  • Maximum Load Capacity – 2000lb
  • Hitch – Class 2 or Higher
  • Hitch Height – 21’’ – 22’’ H
  • Ball Size – 2’’
  • Suspension – Torsion Axle
  • Frame Material – Tubular Steel
  • Trailer Deck Covering – Diamond Tread Plate
  • Finish – Powder Coated
  • Distance between the outside of each fender – 88’’
  • Distance between the inside of each fender – 71.5″


  • 1-yr Limited Warranty

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Trinity 3-rail motorcycle trailer Mt3

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